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27 June 1139; Kóbe Tatsu, Mipam, Sui-Do "White Dragon" Shin, Takeda, Talia, Ved'dren

In Lorenia Castle, several days after the coronation of White Dragon, Princess Kóbe Tatsu experienced a horrific dream in which she witnessed the gruesome death of her mother...

Waking from the nightmare, Kóbe, a Goji Monk and priest of Elishar, discovered that her grandfather, White Dragon, had suffered the same dream. Declaring herself the new Seeker, Kóbe met with the spirit of her mother, Dorinna "Red Dragon" Shin, now trapped in the Drifting Castle, unable to pass over, who then pointed her in the direction of the elusive 14th Shard of Urjusty, an Overseer Samurai named Arkiero Heidmarch.

Along with her friend Ved'dren, a Hu-hsien druid, and the White Dragon-appointed escort of Mipam and Talia, a pair of Goji monks, and Takeda an Overseer Samurai, Kóbe met with Arkiero. The Overseer hired the party to track down Natalya Valitrosa, a half-Attillan street informant, who had hinted that an upcoming heist might involve a powerful artifact. Natalya had since failed to check in and Arkiero was concerned for her safety and the whereabouts of the artifact. He gave the party several possible leads they could pursue.

Excerpt from Drifter's Journal


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