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Male Human Monk of the Iron Mountain 8

  • Real name: Adal Karmoni
  • Occupation: bouncer and freelance security, former adventurer
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: citizen of Free City, Westreach with no criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: Blue Eye, Westreach / 1 August 1112
  • Marital status: married
  • Known relatives: Aaniyah Karmoni (wife); Laressa Karmoni (daughter)
  • Group affiliation: formerly Hyldloran Blackguard Operative; formerly adventured with Ivan Teskarova-Vishka and Llyrrian Highlock
  • Base of operations: Free City, Westreach; formerly Hyldlor
  • First appearance: Hyldlor / 12 May 1139 (2011)


Adal moved from Blue Eye to give his family the life they deserved: free from poverty, corruption and hunger. He sought a chance for a well-paying job, a real home and happiness for his wife and daughter. His plans to join the Blackguard were squashed as they were not recruiting. Unskilled in any trade, Adal resorted to private protection and bouncing. He pulled double shifts when possible trying to keep his family from ending up in Midland. Trying to keep up with the long hours and needing to crash hard between shifts, Adal began to use to the drug, Dreamshiver. As the addiction took hold, he used it less for work and sleep and more for its promises of dreams and oblivion and soon it became his only escape from a dreary life.

Adal suffered an overdose which led to a Blackguard raid on his home. They seized his stash of Dreamshiver, but his daughter, Laressa, knowing they couldn't survive without his income, claimed the drugs were her own. Soon after Laressa was arrested and imprisoned, Adal's wife packed up and left town. His life and dreams destroyed, he did a bit of investigating and learned that the one supplying Dreamshiver in the area was a crimelord named Gaydren Lamb. The Blackguard seemed to be more focused on the bigger dealers (like his daughter??) and didn't have time to devote resources to a small-time dealer. Blaming Gaydren for his brush with death and subsequent loss of his family, he renamed himself Jäger (the hunter). It seemed that if Gaydren's operation was to be stopped, it would fall on him.

Adventures (PC)[]

involving Jäger (NPC)[]

Jäger went undercover to get help from Vargo Brasavi in breaking his daughter out of prison. With the help of Ivan, Llyrrian and Mist Reignlief, was able to rescue her, destroy Vargo's Dreamshiver production labs, and kill the crimelord. He arranged for Laressa to leave town to start a new life in Free City; after the defeat of Alaionsin and the plague was cured, he has rejoined his family in Free City.