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Nightwolf, preparing for war with the Onihashi Blade. Artwork courtesy of Joe Yakubowski.

Eternal Paladin of Taiia 10

  • Real name: Sir Aerotek Llyr II
  • Occupation: adventurer
  • Identity: secret
  • Legal status: deceased; no known criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: Claybough / 26 May 1102 (age 37)
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: Serenody Llyr (daughter); Aerotek "Phantom Wolf" Llyr, (father); Whisper Serenody (mother)
  • Group affiliation: independent
  • Base of operations: mobile
  • First appearance: Claybough / 15 June 1130
  • Distinguising features: purple eyes


  • Spring 1118

During his early adventuring days, Aerotek traveled the seas, visiting many exciting islands and sowing his wild seeds (during which time, his daughter, Serenody was conceived.) Shortly after, he was seriously injured during a shipwreck in the spring of 3118. After ending up in a temple on Nobura Isle, Aerotek managed to recover and honed his sword-fighting skills under the tutelage of Master Noburu Ohara. He became one of Noburu's best disciples and incurred the enmity of a fellow student named Sakuma Mori by besting him in a sparring match and later earning the affections of Noburu's daughter, Hana Ohara.

  • 15 June 1130

Nightwolf received urgent summons to Nobura Isle where his mentor, Ohara Noburu, was dying. Noburu was the last steward of a sword crafted by the famous swordsmith Onihashi.

Noburu was on his deathbed and Mori, who had become yakuza, wanted to get hold of the famous sword in order to win respect of other yakuza chiefs and become their leader. Most of Noburu's other students including Hana Ohara were injured by Mori, and Noburu summoned Aerotek to entrust the sword to him to prevent it from falling into criminal hands.

After the funeral the following morning, Nightwolf and Hana had to keep the sword safe until they could schedule passage off the island. They battled through several groups of assassins, while waiting for their ship to depart, and Nightwolf was able to wound Sakuma Mori who then escaped.