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Phantom Wolf is an adventurer who, for lack of somewhere better, lives in the World of Claybough. He is arguably one of the most infamous adventurers to ever adventure.

  • Real Name: Aerotek Llyr I, Konomi Yoshi, Hiroshi Ikeda to name a few

    Phantom Wolf just remembered he forgot to apply deodorant today.

  • Occupation: adventurer
  • Identity: secret and/or no one can keep track
  • Legal Status: Prince of Hyldlor with a massive criminal record that nobody can do shit about
  • Other Aliases: Beowulf Krynn, Ihara Saikaku, also has a +20 to impersonate White Dragon
  • Place/Date of Birth: Claybough / 5 June 1078
  • Marital Status: Marriage to half-sister annulled
  • Known Relatives: Aerotek "Night Wolf" Llyr II (son); Myrlocke Llyr (father, Wizard-King of Hyldlor, deceased); Vesper Llyr (half-sister, Queen of Hyldlor); Daystar "Bloodshot" Llyr (half-brother, Prince of Hyldlor, deceased)
  • Group affiliation: independent; claims to be the founder of the "Wolf Pack," a group no one else has seen or recalls
  • Base of Operations: mobile or "Wherever I May Roam"
  • First Appearance: Claybough / 1 March 1096 (1992)
  • Age: 61
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black
  • Height: 6' 00"
  • Skin: Tan
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Accolades: Managed to gain and lose "Knowledge (Out of Game)"... twice


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Alternate Disputed History[]

Phantom Wolf was born in Limbo (as a Myrlocke/werewolf hybrid, somehow giving him a human-like appearance), which is where all Superheroes/Supervillains/Anti-Heroes/Anti-Villains/Ninja-Pirates go to either get a life in the comic book universe or die a painful death at the hands of a Michael Bay movie.

Phantom Wolf eventually found himself in a cylinder-shaped room with no ceilings and a shit-ton of TVs showing zebra porn. Sitting at a desk before him was George Carlin, who told him that he had to choose between three suppositories:

  • Red Suppository - Will make you a Marvel Character.
  • Blue Suppository - Will make you a DC Character.
  • Gay Purple Suppository - Will send you into the abyss which is the World of Claybough.

Phantom Wolf began to rant and rave that his favorite color, "Octarine", wasn't available as a suppository. Pissed off, Carlin took back the options and Phantom Wolf was barely-screwed.

"I got yer back, buddy!" *hands over can of Ban®*

Irritable and hungry, Phantom Wolf went down to the mess hall. It was there he met Deadpool, Toxo-Roach, Freddy Plooger and Scorpion. After eating, they decided that the cafeteria food sucked donkey balls and they may as well not stay in a place with such shitty sloppy joes, and they went on a killing spree.

Mrs. Self then separated them for their actions, casting them all into five different realms. Phantom Wolf was hurled into the deep recesses of space where he finally fell into the World of Claybough and then all of a sudden he was attacked by a Giant Saucer Crab. He was able to beat back the monstrosity, which then opened to reveal itself to be the vessel of the Savior of Man, Randy "Macho King" Savage, who, impressed by Phantom Wolf's apparent inability to die, granted him some guns and twin katanas to help him on his journey to find purpose. Phantom Wolf, it seemed, needed to know more about himself other than he was just ANOTHER guy in spandex who couldn't die and broke the fourth wall as a method of comedy.