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This 6-foot-tall, polished quarterstaff is made from darkwood so black it resembles a clouded sky on a moonless night. At the center of

the staff and on each end, the staff is adorned with stones that glow orange in sunlight (or when Taiia's Gaze is activated.) It is currently wielded by Basatari.

Base Statistics[]

  • Medium +1 quarterstaff; Alakast becomes a +2 quarterstaff at level 9 after the

Alakast's Abilities[]

All the following are legacy item abilities of Alakast, known to Basatari, Dagum Firebeard, Maitreya Fugate, Menz-El Ci'Fer, and Orion Alandel:

  • Saint’s Grace (Su): At 5th level, you gain a +2 resistance bonus on all saving throws.
  • Endure Evil (Su): Beginning at 6th level, you enjoy the constant effects of a protection from evil spell. Caster level 5th.
  • Taiia’s Gaze (Sp): At 7th level and higher, once per day on command, you can cause Alakast to shed daylight as the spell. Caster level 5th.

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