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Basatari demo.jpg

Female Eternal Ecclesitheurge Cleric of Taiia 13

  • Real name: Lady Basatari
  • Occupation: adventurer
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: citizen of Free City with no criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: outside Lorenia / 28 November 1051 (age 87)
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: Taiia (mother)
  • Group affiliation: Curate of Taiia; Order of the White Willow; Lady of Genmarr
  • Base of operations: Free City, Westreach
  • First appearance: outside Lorenia / 13 October 1137 (March 2013)
  • Distinguishing Features: Gold eyes and hair
  • Unique gear: Alakast


Basatari grew up in a small temple to the sun goddess Taiia outside Lorenia, and when Myrlockites attacked her village, the priestesses gave their lives defending the innocent. Basatari was captured, bound to a post and burned alive. The bandits left before realizing the flames didn't hurt her. Standing in the burned ruin of the temple, young Basatari pledged her life to the sun goddess, promising mercy to the deserving and a quick death to those who glory in murder. Possessed of a fierce will, pride in her faith, and skill at channeling holy energy, Basatari has traveled far since then and nearly died protecting the innocent defending Free City, alongside Loremaster Highmore and Varuda Yseult during the War with Myrlocke. Where another might be consumed by anger and a thirst for revenge, she has instead found peace in The Light of Taiia, and in the belief that if she can prevent even one death at evil hands, her own losses will not have been in vain. While she takes great pleasure in ridding the world of evildoers, she takes even greater pleasure in redeeming them.