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Benoist (pronounced beh-NOY-st) is an Elven city in Northern Urjuty, one of the last realms of the elves in the north of Kara Tur. The name Benoist is a modern contraction for three words (Bele'Oio'Ist) which means "Forever Mighty Cast", a reference to the powerful spells which once protected the city.

Benoist is in a valley encircled with nine hills which are sculpted into a large terraced garden, and inhabited by elves. The houses are worked into the landscape and Whiteleaf trees cover the valley and are sculpted by magic. Weather conditions and diseases are somewhat regulated by a magical wizard circles.


Because the hills around Benoist contained little in the way of ores, metals were imported into the city, in exchange for paintings, sculptures, crafted wooden items, and Ruby Wine.

Despite the elves' welcoming nature, they refuse to allow outsiders within a certain waterfall which falls from the mountains near Benoist. Those who have stepped inside the glades near the waterfall report a darksome disquiet that radiates an icy chill on even the warmest of days. What lies in the waterfall, and its relationship with the elves of Benoist, is a mystery.

The War with Myrlocke

In the War with Myrlocke, Benoist was attacked by winter wolves and undead hordes from Hyldlor, damaging the thornwalls and the disruption of some wizard circles allowed the blizzards in and created unpredictable magical effects, causing further destruction. The Benois'ti were able to repel the attack using magic and the youngest Thornwalkers.

Between the crushing defeat in Lorenia and losses at home, almost all of the Tomb Guard were destroyed, along with many of the Thornwalkers and more than half of the Swords of Benoist. With half of Benoist's population dead, many of the gardens were not tended, thus became overgrown. Many bridges in the valley remain broken.

Even decades after the war, areas of Benoist contain deadly areas of wild magic. To keep travelers safe and to shelter their own as they slowly recover, under the direction of Lady Veladorn, access to the city was closed to all non-Elves and the thornwalls were completely closed in all directions.


Since Lord Vanguard died 28 December 1104 alongside King Armos in Lorenia, his wife, Lady Veladorn has guided the elves of Benoist as the High Elder. Little government is needed as there are no formal laws, but nevertheless the inhabitants are able to live in harmony with each other and with the land.


  • Population: 994
  • Type: elf (99% elf, 1% other)

The elves of Benoist are a cheerful, good-humored folk, given to lighthearted revelry. The elves maintain close ties with the wizards of Lorenia and enjoy great influence in the Council of Nobles, having fought alongside King Armos, and showed great valor and courage, in the War with Myrlocke. Their Ruby Wine is popular among the wealthy of Kara-Tur.


Benoist is situated on a large stone pedestal that rises nearly a hundred feet from the grassland below. This is encircled by the magically-enhanced Thornwall, the inside of which is primarily agricultural land of vineyards and orchards. The outside of the Thornwall extends over the nine hills that completely encircle Benoist so that it is not visible from the valley below.

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