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Field Marshal Carlaena Croft

Previous Adventures:

15 May 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary[]

Ivan, Jäger, and Llyrrian reported to Field Marshal Carlaena Croft at the Black Lodge. After dealing with Varek Valitrosa, a Blackguard Captain that had abandoned his station, and coping with all manner of other chaos in the streets, the trio were hired on as Blackguard Special Operatives.

Ivan's Take[]

"It wasn't long before Croft had us off looking for Captain Varek Valitrosa, seems he went rogue at some point. Thanks to Maerwyn, one of my trusted contacts on the street, longtime friend, and former Lamb, our search for Varek's location was quick. It's good to have friends in the Stealth Bureau, there isn't much in Hyldlor that they don't know about. We found the Blackguard Captain working with a bunch of thugs out of the 'ol Butcher's Shop. This group had set up an operation 'disappearing' people for coin. If you needed someone gone, they'd handle it. That's not the worst of it! The 'disappeared' eventually 'reappeared'... as MEAT then given away free to the townsfolk. Who in the fuck does that? We shut the operation down and killed every one of them, except Valitrosa who was in an upstairs office. Jäger and I were about to kill him too but, Llyrrian wanted to have words first. Turns out Valitrosa wasn't aware of the vile business his newly found 'friends' were conducting. I'm not sure how he couldn't have known, but he seemed visibly disgusted. I'll keep my reservations to myself and let Croft take it from here."

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