Claybough Wiki
  • Real Name: What your mom calls you
  • Occupation: How you make money
  • Identity: Publicly Known (unless you're Batman)
  • Legal Status: Citizen of what city? criminal record?
  • Other/Former aliases: Other or Former nicknames used  (use one or the other, other or former)
  • Place/Date of Birth: Place/Date
  • Marital Status: Single/married/divorced/widow/etc
  • Known Relatives: Name (spouse); Name (son); Name (daughter); Etc. (father); (mother); (brother); (sister)
  • Group affiliation: Independent or name of groups you're a member of
  • Base of Operations: where you live now
  • First Appearance: place/date or comic issue where first seen
  • Age: age
  • Eyes: color
  • Hair: color
  • Height: ft' inch"
  • Skin: color
  • Weight: number#
  • Fatality: murder
  • Accolades: stuff


Copy/paste this blank template as needed when adding new comic/RPG characters to the wiki. Feel free to delete any fields which aren't applicable.

Later Shit[]

Shit that happened later than that early shit. Avoid excessive grandparents, uncles, etc. Keep family section nuclear, if they want to know about great-uncle jethro, they'll click your dad's link. Add more pictures as needed.

  • Adventure 1
  • Adventure 2
  • etc