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25 October 1138; Lady BasatariLord Orion Alandel,  Toldar, Vadamar and Vale Temros

Adventure Summary[]

The great rains turned to driving snow as winter came with a fury upon the Bregga Mountains. Autumn was a forgotten dream as cutting wind lanced through wool and leather, and treacherous ice crawled along the mountainside. Life was cruel and short in the Bregga, more now than ever as winter sunk her teeth into its crags. And near the twisted peak of the notorious mountain, the forges of the ogres rang out with renewed vigor... they had lost Fort Genmarr, but their anger lived on!

The heroes climbed the Bregga Mountains to end the ogre menace once and for all, only to learn that the ogres might have been the least of Urjusty’s problems: the giants of the Dead Falcon Flats were preparing for war.

Season Finale[]

The Lords of Genmarr were able to force a surrender from Barl Breakbones and his tribe of stone giants and the heroes were given directions to where his master, Mokmurian, was rallying. Meanwhile, the situation at Fort Genmarr was rapidly deteriorating as the supplies and food had nearly run out in conjunction with the coldest winter in 34 years. It looked as though many of Sarihaim's citizens would not outlast the winter.

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