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Escape from Blue Eye is a series of adventures, recorded in journal form by Kotori, involving an unfortunate band of misfits trying to scratch their way out of Blue Eye and find their fame and fortune in the Free City, Westreach.

Team Members[]

Former Teammates

  • Deerman
  • Dulvakh
  • Enslin Evenmarsh
  • Gormund
  • Krell Meuller
  • Merisiel Highmore
  • Rylael Daelwynd
  • Vigore


  • (Lair of the Bull Lord)
  • A Face in Darkness
  • Tomb Stories
  • The Feral Dog
  • The Old Observatory
  • The True Tomb
  • What Writhes Within
  • The Caves of Toldoth
  • The Labyrinth of Ranos'Mai
  • Citadel of Midnight
  • The God in the Pool
  • To Blackwall Keep
  • Into the Mistmarsh
  • Terror Below
  • Welcome to the Free City
  • The Crooked House

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