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Hundred Bones

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21—22 May 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary[]

The next day, Field Marshal Carlaena Croft along with Hundred Bones, an elderly Kazou'ti, begged the heroes to recover the missing body of a murdered Kazou'ti warrior before his kin declared war on the city. A deed which required them to enter Daystar Cemetery, fight undead horrors and an insane necromancer, then gather the scattered body parts.

Ivan's Take[]

"Field Marshal Croft sure has kept us busy... not that being busy is bad, not one bit. Llyrrian and I met an interesting old Kazou'ti named Hundred Bones today. Apparently he'd come requesting assistance in recovery of his grandson. More importantly is that unless the body is recovered, his tribe will declare war... that's the last thing this city needs. After accepting the task, we found out the body may be in the possession of a necromancer working within the Daystar Cemetery... seems a fitting place for such shenanigans. Okay, so this place was a complete shit-show, one that was almost the end of us. Between the undead encounters and the fight with the necromancer... we barely managed to stay alive. Apparently necromancers are no joke! We found the remains of the Kazou'ti warrior that were being used within various vile creations. We also found the journal of the necromancer, just not the one we killed. The one we tangled with was the apprentice, not the master. Luck was certainly on our side considering the problems we had dealing with the apprentice. The Master Necromancer could had easily added our body parts to his inventory. The journal is that of a person named Bolth... I'm concerned our paths will cross in the future."

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