Claybough Wiki

XP 4,175/7,500


  • Real name: Construct-618
  • Occupation: circus doorman/barker; adventurer
  • Identity: secret
  • Legal status: citizen of Claybough with no criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: unrevealed (age unknown)
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: none
  • Group affiliation: member of the Blue Moon Spectacle circus
  • Base of operations: mobile; formerly Claybough
  • First appearance: outside Isendale, Claybough/25 July 1096 (12 March 2022)
  • Eyes: white
  • Hair: black horse-tail
  • Height: 6'8"
  • Weight: 485 #
  • Distinguishing features: skin is greyish-purple stone and golden steel

Alleged History[]

Construct-618 was discovered by Drifter and Phantom Wolf in some future/alternate dimension/timeline that may or may not have happened. After digging him out of the bog he was buried in and 'hosing' him off, 618 was grateful to his rescuers. The construct told his rescuers a tale of long ago when his brethren and he were constructed too late for their intended purpose in a great war. Whether or not this war actually happened is purely up to the discretion of the DM. Without the war, 618 found himself without purpose and wandering aimlessly. The construct eventually ended up sinking in a marsh for an unknown length of time and was unable to free himself.

Phantom Wolf was excited about his new "padawan," he now dubbed "Darth Chazwazzer" (the Darth is silent), and got right to work on making some "obviously needed upgrades" to help Chaz get hip with the latest fashion trends. He also gave Chaz his "induction tattoo" into the "Wolf Pack", and instructions on his first mission... "Operation: I know now why you cry," a "totally original, never-before-seen plan to go back in time and protect baby-Drifter from any and all threats both foreign and domestic in order to ensure the future survival of all living creatures except chiggers, 'cause fuck those things". Phantom Wolf told Chazwazzer that it was "a super-secret, hush-hush mission and you can't tell anybody, not even especially Drifter."

While Drifter was deep in meditation "preparing the wrong spells for today's adventure," Phantom Wolf used his "super-sneaky, ninja skills" to "yoink" her "time travel thingy" and send Chazwazzer back in time much to the glee of all the world's furry creatures... except Drifter's tail-less horse.


  • The Show Must Go On