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Female Half-Elf Mooncaller Druid 8

  • Real name: Divada Narvinyë Palehand
  • Occupation: adventurer, herbalist
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: citizen of Hyldlor with no criminal record
  • Former aliases: White Tiger
  • Place/date of birth: south of Midhaim, Urjusty / 22 January 1100 (age 39)
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: Cedric Palehand (father); Víressë (mother); Tokoyo Palehand and Garrick Palehand (half-siblings)
  • Group affiliation: formerly adventured with Blood of the Fallen; Initiate of the Second Circle of December's Grove
  • Base of operations: usually December's Grove, Hyldlor; often mobile
  • First appearance: south of Midhaim, Urjusty / 22 January 1100
  • Distinguishing features: purple eyes and hair, white skin with blue-black stripes


Divada's childhood years were simple and filled with hard work with her clan of xenophobic cave-dwelling elves. Everything changed when she was stolen away as a young girl, while out gathering berries, by a supernaturally powerful barbarian who took her to his inhospitable shelter in the Bregga Mountains. Unable to escape the remote location alone, she was eventually rescued by Tatsu Keul on the orders of the reclusive Grandmaster of Flowers.

Though she desperately desires the company of others, formative years spent away from civilized society have left Divada lacking in social graces, and her awkwardness often leads to unfortunate misunderstandings. Nevertheless, her inherent good nature tends to win out, and her occasional flares of temper are countered by her steadfast loyalty to her friends. Divada relishes travel, and having identified a butterfly carving in a waterfall cave as the found-mark of a priest of Ithil'Quessir, she gladly embraces the faith of her elven ancestors, hoping that her wanderings may cast more light on who she really is and what entity fosters her divine abilities

Adventures with Blood of the Fallen:[]