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A Mother of Oblivion loose in Sarihaime.

Previous Adventures

8 October 1138; BasatariLord Orion Alandel, Toldar, Vadamar, Vale Temros

Adventure Summary[]

Retaking Fort Genmarr did not end the region’s problems. The ogres had burned through all the food, firewood and other resources and unnatural rains still flooded the region. The weather was wet, dark and miserable every, single, day. Soon, the town of Sarihaim was about to be washed away by the floods. After driving off a mother of oblivion, Fallon moved the people of Sarihaim into Fort Genmarr while the others explored the ruins of the ancient dam at Genmarr Pass, driving off the trolls and, repairing it enough so that its floodgates could be opened before the entire structure collapsed. After stopping yet another disaster, the Lords of Genmarr learned that, somehow, the ogres and their leader, a stone giant, were to blame for the strange weather.

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