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This is one of the Deities of the World of Claybough

  • Greater Deity
    Elishar 350.jpg
  • Symbol: A silver piece transforming into a crescent moon
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Portfolio: Magic, arcane knowledge, forsight, balance
  • Worshipers: Wizards, mystic theurges, lorekeepers
  • Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
  • Domains: AirKnowledgeMagicTrickeryRune
  • Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Elishar (pronounced EL-ih-shar), the "Father of the Gods" holds knowledge and magic above all things. He has gained enough power to witness all that transpired on all planes, and this has both fueled his divinity and drove him irreparably mad. He is a god of magic, torn between destroying the world with one hand and saving it with the other. This dual-edged nature of magic is cherished by his followers and is epitomized in his apotheosis. Elishar usually appears as a frightening male human emanating great energy. One side of him is youthful and dominating, almost glowing with power while healing the sick and protecting the innocent, while his other half is charred and crackling with leaking magic that unleashes destruction.

Areas of unpredictable magic are thought to occur when Elishar passes too close to the Material Plane, while dead magic zones (where magic does not function) are seen as a sign of his disfavor. The Father of the Gods does not visit his worshipers in dreams to show favor or dislike, a fact that they often mention with pride. They see the divine attention of other gods as patronizing or coddling, and are glad that Elishar does not stoop to such common practices.