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8—11 June 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary

Plague had come to Hyldlor, and fear took hold on the streets. As the number of sick folk grew, people took desperate measures to avoid the plague, shutting themselves within their homes, shunning the infected, and even seeking escape from the city. The disease was prevalent in Hyldlor’s most impoverished areas, particularly Old Hyldlor... bloody-faced beggars and hacking common folk were visible on every corner. During this tenuous time, the Order of the Demonslayers seemingly abandoned Hyldlor for the first time in centuries.

Under tremendous pressure, Queen Vesper installed Doctor Anthaulus Faustner. A plague expert from Lorenia, he had assembled a group of that city’s most talented healers to help stem the tide of the spreading plague. The queen then ordered the creation of the Queensguard a formidable military force set to enforce the rule of law, and to arrest and imprison anyone who interfered with the doctors' work, and to torture and execute anyone found intentionally spreading the the disease many were now calling Red Mask.

For many days after the initial outbreak, Jäger, Ivan, and Llyrrian worked tirelessly to slow the spread of the epidemic. The trio brokered peace with the sewer-dwelling local wererat population before they turned against the weakened humans above in retaliation for unwarranted fear-inspired attacks against them. The heroes shut down the Purple Passion operation, where the mistress of the shop was making a fortune selling a false cure for the Red Mask made of mundane ingredients. Then, after the discovery that lazy corpse cart pushers were just dumping dead bodies in Riker's Alley, the trio found and destroyed a coven of vampire spawn that were hiding their kills amid the other bodies.

Ivan's Take

"Hyldlor is crumbling under the pressure of this plague. The infrastructure is stressed beyond its means and supporting factions are leaving or falling victim to the disease itself. The Queen is attempting to maintain order with a newly organized guard and has brought in a doctor who is overseeing a group of healers to deal with this invisible killer. I appreciate the Queen's intentions but the actions of this new faction are a bit oppressive. Desperation fills the air over Hyldlor as the citizens are willingly to give all they have for the cure... some are taking advantage of these townsfolk. I intend to ensure these evildoers are shutdown."

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