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Sarihaim, a remote village not far from the Bregga Mountains, has long borne the brunt of ogre violence. Long overlooked, the newly-appointed King Armos had answered the town’s request for aid. Eager to secure the Genmarr Pass, King Armos established Fort Genmarr to provide Sarihaim with protection from the ogres, securing promises of regular taxes and trade. The construction site was chosen for its centralized location, halfway between Sarihaim and the Genmarr Pass. He stationed a band of rangers there, and charged them with keeping the region safe and free from ogres. The ogres in the region were unprepared for any sort of organized defense by veteran rangers, and on their next raid they were met with efficient and swift punishment. The ogres retreated up to the heights of the Bregga Mountains and for many years made no major raids. Short but bloody skirmishes between the ogres and the Black Arrows have gone on for decades, but since their first decisive defeat 66 years ago, the ogres had never quite built up enough bravery to mount a second attack on the well-defended Fort Genmarr until the massacre in 1138.


Fort Genmarr is located at the western end of a wide valley that runs along the southern edge of the Bregga Mountains. This bleak landscape stretches on for miles along the border between the mountains and woods.


While Fort Genmarr is technically a holding of Lorenia, its remote location necessitated that all day-to-day decisions be made by the Captain of the Rangers. After the fort was taken by ogres in 1138, Overseer Van Houton granted stewardship of Genmarr to the heroes that bravely fought and reclaimed the outpost. Currently serving as Captain of the Order of the White Willow is Lord Fallon Alandel but no major decisions are made without consulting Lady Basatari and Lord Orion Alandel.