Claybough Wiki
  • Real name: Garlak Relkian
  • Occupation: former gladiator, adventurer, now deceased
  • Place/date of birth: Dead Falcon Flats, Lorenia
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: Mara (mistress, deceased); Tarak Relkin (son)
  • Group affiliation: Red Fangs (orc tribe)


Garlak Relkian of the Red Fangs Tribe, was raised a typical orc child, learning combat skills and how to survive the harsh wilderness environments of The Dead Falcon Flats. Captured on a failed raid into human territories, Garlak was imprisoned, sold and shipped to distant lands, where orcs had never been seen, to display his talents for gladiator events.

Long weeks and sometimes months, Garlak spent inside an uncomfortable cage in the holds of various cargo ships. A human, tasked to bring Garlak food and clean up after him, took a liking to him. The human taught Garlak to speak, read, and write one of the human languages. During the long voyages, Garlak would even come to share this human's passion for poetry. This human would eventually aid Garlak's escape, cementing their friendship.

Many years later, Garlak again walked on the continent of his birth. He traveled steadily to rejoin the Red Fangs, but just days before reaching his homeland, he met a beautiful, young, human girl named Mara. Garlak amazed Mara with his original poetry and knowledge of literary works. She saw Garlak's inner beauty and he soon earned her affections.

Without the knowledge or consent of either of their families, Garlak and Mara fell in love and conceived a child in secrecy. Mara's father, obsessed with their family's standing within Westreach, soon learned of his daughter's secret affair. The patriarch placed a significant bounty on his daughter and her orc lover.

Mara and Garlak were viciously slaughtered one quiet afternoon during a picnic with their son. A group of orcs patrolling nearby, heard the attack and recognized Garlak's voice calling for help and came to his aid. Hampered by their light sensitivity, the orcs nevertheless surrounded and killed most of the human hunting party. It was, however, too late; only the small orc child remained, laying there helpless.

It would take the orc elders several seasons to realize that this foundling child was not a pure-blood orc. As Tarak grew, he began to develop more and more human attributes. There was a great debate among the Red Fangs Elders, some arguing to kill the child. It was ultimately decided to allow Tarak to live as a servant to the full-blooded orcs, and thus through his service, honor Garlak.