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St.Ambro's divination.

5 September 1138; Midnight, Nanther Oreal, Oreon Regalious III, Sapphira Runehold, Vigore

Adventure Summary

The heroes met on the following morning at the Church of St. Ambro. A divination spell cast by Jenya suggested a connection between the unknown abductors and an abandoned Dwarven enclave below Cauldera. That along with their individual avenues of investigation quickly led them to a Dwarf locksmith named Keygan Ghelve.

From Ghelve, they learned that the creatures responsible for the recent rash of kidnappings had pressed the locksmith into service by snatching and imprisoning his daughter. Inside Keygan's shop, the heroes found a secret staircase leading down into Jzadirune, a long-abandoned Dwarven enclave.

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