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Tsuto and Miyuki Hirose

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8—9 October 1137; Amerasu, Bolizar, Lorath Leafmeadow, Sir Orion Edan'dagnir, Ryder, Sayuri

Adventure Summary[]

As rumors of massing goblin armies spread, the disappearance of a local tavern owner, Miyuki Hirose, led the now-deputized adventurers to uncover treachery within the Sandpoint Glassworks and the existence of an ancient catacomb below the town. The investigation into these discoveries revealed two things: that monsters dwelt below the city and that the goblin raid on the town was but the first.

Orion's Journal[]

"October 9, 1137: Yesterday, we were approached by a maid whom worked for Miyuki Hirose at the Rusty Anchor. She said Miyuki was missing and found a note written by Miyuki’s brother, Tsuto. The maid expressed concern due to the fact the two hadn’t spoken since an argument at their mother’s funeral. We agreed to look into the disappearance and follow the only lead we had, the letter from Tsuto. In the letter, Tsuto requested Miyuki meet at their father, Lonjiku’s, Glassworks.
"There we found Lonjiku and his staff murdered and mutilated. We fought off Tsuto and his goblin accomplices, killing most of them and apprehending Tsuto. We were delighted to find Miyuki alive; she had been bound and unaware that her father was killed. As one would expect, the news of her father’s death was devastating. We turned Tsuto over to the sheriff who was unable to draw any information from him. However, we did find Tsuto’s journal which included drawings of a demonic female being, and maps of Sandpoint detailing out the exact locations of the initial goblin raid. Tsuto was in on it!
"Today we followed additional clues found within the journal which led us to hidden smuggler tunnels beneath the Glassworks that gave passage to ancient catacombs. We encountered several strange aberrations shortly upon entering, these creatures proved to be difficult. I found myself unable to aid my companions due to the creature’s ability to make me completely enraged. We stumbled across zombies and Koruvus, once a goblin hero from the Seven Tooth Tribe, now an insane monstrosity. The catacombs lured us further into an immense cathedral inhabited by a demon named Erylium. The demon could create the aberrations with its blood dropped into a pool.
"Note to self and companions: always carry magical and silver weapons. I beat the hell out of my silver holy symbol killing that thing. The catacombs were finally cleared and the menace below defeated. We returned to the surface directly afterwards. The potential of another, far larger, raid has Sheriff Viskalai preparing to leave for Lorenia."

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