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Rufus Laro, priest of St. Ambro, being attacked by thugs in a dark alley.

4 September 1138; Midnight, Nanther Oreal, Oreon Regalious III, Sapphira Runehold, Vigore

In the city of Cauldera, a wretched drizzle fell from the ash-grey sky... a sudden plaintive cry for help from a nearby alley split the evening air...[]

Midnight the ninja, Oreon the magus, Sapphira an aspiring theurge, Nanther a paladin and scion from Free City along with Vigore a wandering fighter from Blue Eye came to the aid of an accosted priest.

Jenya Urikas, a cleric of the Church of St. Ambro, hired the untested bunch of adventurers to find four children kidnapped from the Lantern Street Orphanage and learn what they could about the abductors. They heroes left at once for the orphanage.

The group was turned away from the orphanage due to ill-advised conduct. That, compiled with the suspicion they were being watched, forced their decision to gather information and call it a night. Agreeing to meet in the morning, compare notes, and decide a new strategy.

Excerpt from Tyrea's Journal[]

"Yesterday, I arrived in Cauldera at the behest of Meerthan and the Striders of Elishar. They wanted to use my particular skill set to find out what has happened to an alarming and growing list of townsfolk which have disappeared. After gathering what information I could throughout the day, I witnessed an unlikely group come to the aid of a priest being attacked in an alley. A group that looked, at a glance, to be a priestess, a fighter, a sorcerer, a wealthy child aspiring to be a paladin (you could tell by the shiny armor) and an honest-to-god ninja (rarely spotted outside Claybough). This piqued my interest. They escorted the priest back to the Church of St. Ambro which had publicly announced to find four children kidnapped from the Lantern Street Orphanage. The party left almost immediately. I still don't comprehend why they thought that going to an orphanage after the children were in bed and insulting the orphan matron about her ability to keep the children safe would garner them any forthcoming information. Well into the twilight hours they split up. I was unable to follow them all but they had agreed to meet again at the church in the morning. Meerthan suggested I keep watch on them, so I took a room at a nearby inn so that I might shadow them again tomorrow."

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