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23—24 May 1139; Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Season 1 Finale[]

King Gwydion Camlach's killer had been caught! The Blackguard Operatives, unable to interfere, attended the would-be-execution of Terra Rabos. They would soon be caught up in the chaos of her unexpected rescue by one of Hyldlor’s most legendary heroes: a masked man named Widowmaker.

Vahnkar Ikeda, who admitted sharing some mutual contacts with Widowmaker, enlisted the aid of Ivan and Llyrrian the next day to help smuggle Terra out of town, knowing the "Kingslayer" would never be safe in Hyldlor.

Only after this nerve-wracking job was finished, did Ivan and Llyrrian realize, Jäger had gone missing...

Ivan's Take[]

"It's bad enough to venture into Daystar Cemetery and just barely get away with our lives, I'd much prefer to never go there again until I die of old age... on second thought, bury me anywhere else, that place isn't right! We managed to find all of the deceased warrior's body parts for Hundred Bones but our victory would be short-lived with the news that Terra had been caught despite our efforts to hide her. Croft was able only able to reserve security passes for two of her operatives, Llyrrian and I would attend Terra's execution, and Jäger would be forced to stay behind. Sadly, at this point we were nothing more than spectators to an innocent woman's death. Widowmaker, reappearing after decades of absence, stepped in and rescued Terra and whisked her away. Later the next day, we were asked by Vahnkar to discreetly escort Terra out of the city proper where he had an associate ready to get her away from Hyldlor. It was unfortunate to see her forced to leave Hyldlor and her life behind. On another note... where did Jäger get off to?

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