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RIP Sabrina, Captain of the Queensguard

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1—2 June 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, Llyrrian Highlock, and Mist Reignlief

Season Finale

With Jäger back in the party, he explained that the ring was some kind of leverage Vargo Brasavi was using to protect himself, more importantly, he knew where the Lord of Spiders' Hideout/Dreamshiver lab was located. The Blackguard Operatives headed directly into the Sewers. They dealt with wererat guards, the last of Vargo's men, and although they at last killed the Lord of Spiders, freed the captive pseudodragons, and left the dream spiders and imps there when they burned down the drug lab. There was, however, no sign of Darius the Firebug.

The next day, using VIP passes from Vahnkar Ikeda, the heroes attended the official coronation of Queen Vesper Llyr. During the ceremony, the musicians suddenly stopped playing. The Firebug, disguised as a musician, used his "instrument" (a modified alchemical-tinker shotgun) to fire a blast at the queen. Her bodyguard, Sabrina, pushed Queen Vesper back and took the full shotgun blast to the face and was killed instantly. Between the Blackguard Operatives, the Demonhunters, and the Queensguard, the bad guys were quickly dispatched, but not before Eldred Gelien, the Captain of the Shadow Wing Company, fired a crossbow bolt straight through Queen Vesper's temple.

As the assembled masses watched, the queen lifted Eldred off the ground by his throat with one hand, pulled the bolt out of her head with the other, then slowly pushed his own bolt through the bottom of his jaw and up through his skull. Queen Vesper Llyr then motioned to the Blackguard Operatives to follow her to her balcony, saying that with Sabrina dead, she trusted them to secure their safety.

In the privacy of the halls, Llyrrian informed the queen that the true assassin yet lived and presented Vargo's "leverage" ring which Vesper instantly recognized. Asking Ivan to stay with her "in the shadows", the queen sat upon the Throne of Hyldlor and called for her friend, and the Ambassador from the Greatwood Magistrate, Alaionsin. As Ivan watched on, Vasper confronted the ambassador, who confessed to everything, expressed her hatred for Vesper's inability to bear a proper heir (and grandchild to Myrlocke), before escaping via air walk and wind wall spells, swearing that what she had started with King Gwydion, she would now murder her city...

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