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A stone golem guarding the Black Cauldron.

Previous Adventures:

8 May 1139; Maitreya Fugate, Lord Orion Alandel, Makkari Toldar Barbour

Adventure Summary[]

The stone giants of the Dead Falcon Flats had traditionally been a stabilizing element among their kind, a voice of moderation and temperance among brutish thugs like hill giants, ogres, and ettin. Where these lesser races might go to war for the slightest of reasons, the stone giants preached caution and patience. Yet now, one of their own had fallen from the path of tradition. Lord Mokmurian had become the pawn of Arioch, an ancient god of entropy, and now that one stone giant had swayed his people to war and perhaps all of Kara-Tur might never be the same.

Season Finale[]

The Lords of Genmarr defeated Mokmurian and dispersed the giant army. Kara-Tur was saved, but with his defeat came the chilling realization: Arioch was preparing his return to reclaim it all. Now with access to the most extensive Zamonian library ever discovered, the heroes would need to find a way to stop an Ancient One.

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