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The undead mummy of Seth Elanduen

13 June 1136; Alexandra "Alex" Cavanaugh, Sir Argus the Fallen, Divada Palehand, Jin-Lo Song, Tarak Relkin

Deep in the swamps on the Claybough-Attillan border...[]

After waiting out a harsh coastal night at a lonely roadhouse, Alex, a human fighter, Sir Argus a human paladin of Ásabragr Staan-tage, Divada a half-elf druid, Jin-Lo, a human Goji Monk and Tarak, a half-orc barbarian, were informed by the innkeeper that they could not leave the area due to damage from the storm. Offering to help with cleamup, they were directed to an elderly priest at a local cranberry farm for instructions. The priest explained that bodies from the Old City of Isendale in the swamp had washed up into the bogs during the storm, and that there was a monster attack on another farmer to the north.

From the site of the attack, the heroes tracked the monster deep into the swamp. In the sunken central halls of the old city, they located records which would later help them identify the bodies found in the cranberry bogs. They then encountered the "swamp witch," Irewyn Elanduen, who turned out to be the only living witness to the brutal murder of her husband which had become a mummy. With Irewyn's testimony and the documents in hand, the heroes confronted the mummy's murderers and put the undead spirit to rest.

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