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Phagen Valitrosa

Previous Adventure:

2—19 April 1096; Aratech "Phantom Wolf" Llyr, Cedric "Devilfish" Palehand, Juntarra "Panther Claw" Palehand, Sui-Do "White Dragon" Shin

Adventure Summery

With the first Shard of Urjusty in hand, the Seekers returned to Claybough. After they reported their progress to the Gouka Clan, they spent some time catching up on their local obligations while White Dragon unsuccessfully searched for a ship captain willing to sail them to a nowhere location on the northern point of the Penlon Desert Peninsula.

With too much idle time on their hands, Devilfish and Phantom Wolf got drunk and disorderly, started a fight with one another, and ended up in the castle dungeon. The next morning, after the pair had slept it off, another adjacent cell was filled by Phagen Valitrosa, recently captured on piracy charges. Devilfish and Phantom Wolf finally worked together to escape their cells, but Phagen begged to also be released, insisting he had a ship and promised to sail them anywhere rather than face the gallows.

Leonardo Whitman was ordered by the Gouka to stay behind in his new position as a guard in Cadiffor Castle. The other Seekers boarded Phagen's ship, The Kibitz, and left for the Northern Urjusty.

Next Adventures:

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