Claybough Wiki

XP 29,360 / 35,000

Female Human (Kazou'ti) Unchained Barbarian 5

  • Real name: Jen-Tai of the Wastelands
  • Occupation: mercenary
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: citizen of Claybough with no criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: the Wastelands
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: unrevealed
  • Group affiliation: independent
  • Base of operations: mobile
  • First appearance: outside the Old Monastery, Attillan / 17 June 1096 (16 Oct 2021)
  • Age: ?
  • Eyes: ?
  • Hair: orange
  • Height: ?' ?"
  • Skin: tan
  • Weight: ?


Jen-Tai never fit into the expected roles of her tribe, refusing to be the docile, domestic sort of woman that the Biting Leopard tribe valued. Instead, she insisted on competing with the male warriors of her tribe, and constantly one-upped them. If another hunter brought back a caribou to feed the tribe, she brought back two. If the best warrior among them killed four orcs in a raid, she killed six. Though many were secretly impressed by her prowess, other tribes mocked them, and the village elders knew that tradition could not be mocked without grave consequences. The tribes in the area were plagued by a taiga giant with jet black skin. When the giant came calling wanting tribute, the elders offered Jen-Tai over, thinking themselves wise for getting rid of two problems at once.

Held prisoner by the nomadic giant, Jen-Tai suffered in ways few could imagine. Her luck would change when a young adventurer, Leonardo Whitman stumbled into the cave while the giant slept. Jen-Tai, freed of her bonds and again with a weapon in her hand worked alongside Whitman. With all of their skills combined and a lot of luck, together they brought the giant down.

She traveled with Whitman to Caer Claybough, never regretting abandoning her people to the cold steppes and tundra. She lingered a while in Claybough, but soon she was overcome with wanderlust. Since then, she has taken to traveling only with those adventurers and mercenary companies who show her proper respect. She values their friendship but never speaks of her homeland or the circumstances surrounding her leaving. Some things are better left unsaid.


  • First Strike is Deadly