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Male Human Monk 8

  • Real name: Song Jin-Lo
  • Occupation: adventurer
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: citizen of Northern Urjusty with no criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: Temple on the Sea, Northern Urjusty / 13 August 1102 (age 37)
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: parents (missing)
  • Group affiliation: frequently adventures with Blood of the Fallen; Immaculate of the Goji Monks
  • Base of operations: mobile
  • First appearance: Isendale, Claybough / 13 June 1136 (June 2003)


In the northeast corner of Urjusty, at the now-famous Temple on the Sea, Jin-Lo Song was born into the sohei warrior-monk caste. He and another student, Maitreya, trained and served as partners, each complementing the other's technique, and became talented martial artists. His peaceful life ended, however, when late one night his parents said hasty goodbyes with no promise to return. Jin-Lo asked the masters of the wind and the masters of the seasons but none would answer why his parents left nor where they would go. Daring disgrace or even death, Jin-Lo abandoned his responsibilities and left to find them. Eventually their trail led him to Claybough, but was lost among the travelers and treasures of a half-dozen nations. Still, Jin-Lo has not yet given up hope. He continues to seek any clue that might point him toward his parents, and has traveled back and forth across the land and performed many heroic deeds in return for even the barest of rumors.

Adventures with Blood of the Fallen:[]

Adventures with the Lords of Genmarr:[]