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Orion's father, Fallon Alandel.

Previous Adventures

15 May 1138; Basatari, Song Jin-Lo, Sir Orion Edan'dagnir, Toldar, Vadamar

Adventure Summary[]

Having proved their mettle to Overseer Van Houton, acting steward of Lorenia, he sent Toldar the human ranger to assign the Sandpoint Deputies a dubious task: to travel across Urjusty to check up on the town of Sarihaim, the closest settlement to the strangely silent Fort Genmarr. Basatari and Orion joined forces with Toldar, Jin-Lo the monk and Vadamar the rogue and left to arrange transport. They arrived to find the town on edge, with stories of increasing ogre raids and silence from Fort Genmarr. Heading north, they defeated a deformed half-human, half-ogre ogrekin, and discovered among his gear several items belonging to the Rangers of Genmarr. Tracking back to his nearby home, they rescued the survivors of the raid on Fort Genmarr kept by a family of inbred monsters, including Orion's father, Fallon Alandel. Soon they had learned about the massacre at Fort Genmarr.

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