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3—6 May 1139; Lord Orion Alandel, Makkari Toldar Barbour, Lady Basatari, Alexandra "Alex" Cavanaugh, Carim Finestone, Argus "the Fallen" Riechguard, Song Jin-Lo, Takoda and Vadamar

Adventure Summary[]

Jin-Lo, Alex and Argus of the Blood of the Fallen adventuring company had been tasked by Shiela Meuller, Overseer of the Free City, to travel the 470 or so miles to the Grov'val Stair. This stairway provided the easiest means of climbing the rise west of the Bregga Mountains and one of the most strategically important sites in the entirety of Urjusty.

Reports claimed a tribe of hill giants were demanding exorbitant tariffs to pass in either direction, led by a self-proclaimed King of the Grov'val Stair. The Free City had a supply caravan go missing a week ago, last reported near the Stair, and rumors from as far away as Claybough indicated other attacks in recent months.

The Lords of Genmarr had saved Sandpoint, recovered the kidnapped townsfolk from the raid and rode hard for a fortnight to the Stair to confront the warlord organizing the giants. Lord Orion, Toldar, Basatari, Carim, Takoda and Vadamar, having handled the giants at the first landing, were preparing to move forward when the two adventuring companies met.


Having a common ally in Jin-Lo, the two groups quickly teamed-up and easily dispatched the hill giants. Things began to fall apart however when they were immediately ambushed by a group of harpies. Isolated from the others, captivated and trapped behind a Wall of Stone, Basatari and Carim were beaten unconscious and dying while Takoda fell unconsious while landing the killing blow on the final harpy. Takoda and Basatari were healed by Lord Orion, but Carim Finestone had been slain. Amid the treasure hoard recovered from the harpies and giants, the White Willow recovered the Lost Crown of the Firebeards, one of the oldest noble Dwarven families of Kara-Tur.

The heroes exacted revenge upon Babachomp, the 'King of the Grov'val Stair' who returned from a meeting with Mokmurian at the Black Tower.

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