28 September 1136; Althor Ashshield, Enslin Evenmarsh, Lorath Leafmeadow, Morgan Mistmantle

A small village on the outskirts of the Thornwild Forest...

A villainous minotaur had been terrorizing a small village for months, slaying villagers at random and slipping away with stolen children. When Sir Galwaith, a heroic paladin, pursued the minotaur to its lair but then failed to return, it fell upon a handful of commoners to save the village. Althor, a plucky bard, Enslin, a farmer that lost his family to the monster, Lorath, a local woods guide that knew the terrain, and Morgan a priest who considered the missing paladin a spiritual mentor, headed to the Lair of the Bull Lord.


Lorath was lost first (and believed dead) falling into the raging rapids of a steep ravine. The others had no way to save him and were forced to watch as the current swept him away. Althor and Morgan were lost to the many deadly traps and feral dog packs they encountered along the way. Enslin, alone and nearly dead, led the minotaur into one of its own oil traps and finished it with a re-purposed ballista, earning him the nickname "Minotaur-Bane."

Further Adventures:

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