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26 April 1137; Alexandra "Alex" Cavanaugh, Deacon Argus the Fallen, Divada Palehand, Jin-Lo Song, Tarak Relkin

Adventure Summary[]

While traveling with Phagen's Boat Company, the Blood of the Fallen were caught in an unnatural storm and, after being battered for three days, sought shelter in a lagoon at the southern end of a huge uncharted island. While the sailors struggled to keep the ship afloat, the captain sent the adventurers ashore to obtain help from the villagers in gathering the necessary materials to repair the ship.

Once ashore, the heroes quickly learned that something was wrong in the village, and that this was more than an ordinary storm. People were disappearing and mudslides had cut the survivors off from neighboring villages. The villagers agreed to gather the needed resources if the heroes would find the Zombie Master, who could use his power to end the accursed storm that afflicted their island home.


The heroes located flooding catacombs beneath the village where they fought undead minions of the not-so-benevolent Zombie Master, now transformed into a cursed undead as a result of the betrayal of his people. Finding an entrance to limestone tunnels still-deeper under the island, they finally confronted an aquatic race in the midst of their horrid ritual. The Blood of the Fallen stopped the unnatural storm and the summoning of an indescribable inter-dimensional horror.

Excerpt from the Journal of Argus the Fallen:[]

"Undead in caves.....really. This was one of my times to shine and did I ever. My god granted the again death of at least 200 zombies and skeletons. The fish creatures barely stood a chance against us and all was saved easily enough. The others complained that it smelled and that there was more to do but I easily handled the entire mission with my hammer and my gods name. The Fallen were lucky to have me with them on this one."

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