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King Gwydion Camlach

Previous Adventure:

13 May 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary[]

When the trio emerged from the fishery, they learned that King Gwydion Camlach had died, and the city of Hyldlor had plunged into chaos. After helping Gruen Soeder, a disgruntled, drunken Blackguard off the street, they took the brooch to one of Ivan's contacts, Jankos, a local fence. Jankos told them that he would not touch the brooch as it was stolen from Queen Vesper Llyr. He strongly encouraged them to return the brooch to the queen as there was a reward offered for its return.

Ivan's Take[]

"What a shit-show we've found in Hyldlor! King Camlach has been assassinated? Some of these citizens are in full protest against the Queen, calling for her head as the murderer. Could this be true? I'm having a hard time believing she'd do such a thing. These streets aren't safe for anyone at this point with the Blackguard completely overwhelmed. Damn, I often wondered when Hyldlor would fall to pieces, it's been a long time coming in my opinion... I just never imagined how."
"Jankos saved our butts when we unknowingly attempted to sell him the Queen's stolen brooch. Our heads could have easily ended up on the ol' chopping block today. Any other merchant could have purchased the brooch, collected the reward, then turned us in. I'm more than a bit nervous with the thought of an audience with the Queen. Llyrrian's family name may hold high regard within the city but I'm a whole different story. I'd better ask Llyrrian for a crash course in etiquette before I make a damn fool of myself."

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