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Previous Adventures:

12 June 1139; Adal "Jäger" Karmoni, Ivan Teskarova-Vishka, and Llyrrian Highlock

Adventure Summary[]

For several days, while the Blackguard Operatives were busy fighting the plague on all fronts, Ruanira Cavanaugh had begged at the gates of the Citadel for help. When she finally grabbed the attention of Ivan and Llyrrian, she told them that several days ago, her brother, Deyan Cavanaugh, who was a gifted singer, had been personally requested to perform at a private masquerade at Callaway Manor. He had bought a new outfit, practiced a challenging new arrangement, and left early the evening of the event. When Deyan didn’t return the entire next day, Ruanira went to the Manor, only to find it locked down tightly with a sickly smell issuing from behind the heavy door. With the Wizard Acadamae locked down, she could not buy a sending spell to her sister, Alex, who was an adventurer in Free City.

Entering Callaway Manor, the trio sifted through the horrific remains of a once-fantastic party. Casks of wine filled the cellar, new multi-colored window dressings were hung, and some of the finest actors, musicians and singers meant to entertain dozens of guests were found in various stages of decay and undeath. Soon, the heroes ran afoul of Qu'stina Krisrieth, a perverse-minded, blisterweed-addicted, self-destructive elf.

After disabling her and conducting a thorough search, they found the only other survivor, Prospero Callaway, locked and barricaded in the wine cellar. They did not find Deyan, alive or dead. When they returned to interrogate Qu'stina, they found her terribly immature for her apparent age, and even under threat of death, she fawned over the necromancer Bolth, who it seemed had sent her into the masquerade ball with a few tender promises, wands of create undead and sculpt corpse, and a mind set on murder. Only the threat of exposing her failure to Bolth personally forced her to reveal that all pure-blood Attillans had been removed from the party by a small army of Plague Doctors and Queensguard before her killing spree began. The Blackguard Operatives, finding her behavior beyond disgusting, executed Qu'stina on the spot.

After escorting Prospero Callaway out to safety, the party was forced to tell Ruanira that although her brother was not among the dead, it seemed he was still far from safe.

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