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Quaz-net Sign of the Smoking Eye Universalist Wizard 13

First Appearance: December 29, 2013

Menz-El and his ally [Rosar]] entered Drakthar's Way in an attempt to capture Chorlyndyr, an agent of the Blue Duke whom they had been pursuing for some time and through several kingdoms. He helped end the goblin menace, sacrificing a powerful spell which was beyond his capabilities. Menz-El left the party to follow different leads to catch the Blue Duke but rejoined to help locate Zenith Splintershield to curry favor with the Cusp of Sunrise. Menz-El helped locate the missing Paladin, Alek Tercival, which halted an attack on the Town of Redgorge and traveled to the Abyss, obtaining the Sign of the Smoking Eye and becoming the ruler of Occipitus.

A universalist wizard who has studied to prepare himself for any manner of danger, Menz-El is a master of the impossible and can aid his allies in overcoming any danger.

Menz-El is Wyrm Blooded, one of his ancestors was a Half-Black Dragon. He has some distinctly draconic features, reptilian eyes and tiny vestigial horns on his head.