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Human Ninja 7 / Shadowdancer 2

  • Real Name: Unrevealed
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Identity: Secret
  • Legal Status: Citizen of Cauldera, Attillan with no known criminal record
  • Place/Date of Birth: Unrevealed
  • Marital Status: Unrevealed
  • Known Relatives: None known
  • Group affiliation: Keepers of the Cauldron
  • Base of Operations: Cauldera, Attillan
  • First Appearance: Cauldera, Attillan / 4 September 1138 (4 February 2012)
  • Last Appearance: Occipitus / (February 12, 2016)
  • Age: Unrevelaed
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 6' 00"
  • Skin: Tan
  • Weight: 200 lbs.


Midnight was Demonscarred, one of his ancestors was a Half-Fiend. As a result, he had carried some of that taint with him, Dagum often cast undetectable alignment on him to prevent misunderstandings from paladins and celestial entities.

Midnight spent almost all of his time honing his skills, practicing his art, or working on his next assignment. Even when not specifically working, he was ever vigilant and ready for the situation to turn deadly. His line of work had earned him many enemies, but it was a list that he frequently reduced through assassination and misdirection.


A Founding Member of the Keepers of the Cauldron, Midnight has dealt out copious amounts of damage and was known for pulling fights through when things looked bleak. He helped recover the missing children, then departed. He reappeared during the battle which took the life of Oreon Regalious III to save the Keepers from certain doom. He then helped end the goblin menace, helped locate the missing Wands of Control Water, striking the killing blow on Triel, to save the city during flood season and again went on his way. The enigmatic ninja rejoined the Keepers during the Cauldera Tax Riot. Midnight helped locate the missing Paladin, Alek Tercival, which halted an attack on the Town of Redgorge and traveled to the Abyss to help his friends to retake the Plane of Occipitus.


Midnight was killed by a disintegrated by Kaurophon the betrayer while helping his friends to retake the Plane of Occipitus.

Midnight's ashes along with his keen katana are on display at the home of Dagum Firebeard who still refers to him as his "little ninja buddy."