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This is one of the Deities of the World of Claybough

  • Lesser Deity
    Midnight Ria 350.jpg
  • Symbol: stylized yellow wakizashi

    Midnight Ria before his corruption in dark places between and beyond the planes.

  • Alignment: neutral evil
  • Portfolio: tyranny war, discord, massacres, murder
  • Worshipers: sadists, masochists, evil fighters and monks
  • Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, N, NE
  • Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery
  • Favored Weapon: Wakizashi

Myths tell that at the beginning of time, Midnight Ria, third son of Elishar, was a good deity who displayed appreciation of beauty, love, and the arts. During the Age of Creation, Midnight Ria was one of seven brothers, known as the "Wind Dukes" who battled Ruman'Ahk, who sought to destroy Áereth, and were eventually able to drive him into the dark places between and beyond the planes. Victory was at hand but, Sakata Ganymos, who struck the final blow, had been gravely wounded and lacked the strength to lock Ruman'Ahk away. Midnight Ria took the keys without hesitation and dragged Ruman'Ahk into the beyond. Once there, Midnight Ria was tormented and possessed by another alien being, Ruman'Ahk's master, the Lord of Entropy. Upon returning to our reality, Midnight Ria as he had been known was gone, replaced by a twisted, malevolent being consumed with jealousy for the other gods.

When Ambro Eurix saw that his brother was forever changed, and not for the better, the two battled. His pleas and tears met with violence. Ambro finally wrested three of the four emerald swords the two had shared (a symbol of their power) from his twisted brother's fingers, leaving the two in a tenuous truce that has held in place more by silence and avoidance than any desire to actually coexist.

Midnight Ria appears in many shapes and forms, as a raven harbinger, a dark-cloaked ninja assassin, a deathly pale vampire, but always wears or carries a sickly, yellow dragon wakizashi.