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Female Risen Demon Fighter 7

  • Real name: Mist Reignlief
  • Occupation: adventurer; Hyldloran Blackguard
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: Hyldloran Blackguard operative with no criminal record
  • Other aliases: Targa
  • Place/date of birth: Daelwood / circa 899
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: Banliel Tarew Marr (son), Ban'liel Reignlief (father), Uru'ibras Reignlief (mother); Reignlief Family
  • Group affiliation: Hyldloran Blackguard; former Warrior of King Lemele
  • Base of operations: currently Blackguard Citadel, Hyldlor
  • First appearance: Stonecrown, Rusticaten / (14 February 1996)
  • Distinguishing features: green skin, red eyes, ram-like horns and cloven hooves instead of feet


Mist was born an Elf of the Reignleif family. Although her father, Ban'liel, was kind and loving to her, Mist made a number of regrettable choices which precipitated her decline to evil and soon led to her death.

Once her spirit went to rest in the Underworld, she truly realized how hollow and lost she had become. Vowing to redeem herself for her past sins she remained stoic, even after a century of unpleasantries.

Meanwhile, in the world of the living, the people of Áereth were on the verge of war with an extra-dimensional race of humanoids known as the Kalareem. A truce between the two dimensions was reached, but the Kalareem demanded that a Risen Demon, a reformed paragon of virtue, must be present to open and close these and any future negotiations.

As there was no such creature currently existing in Áereth, King Lemele asked his bravest warriors to go into the Underworld to seek one out. Banliel Tarew Marr (Mist's own son from a previous mistake) along with Hostl Dowonna, Olvan Jaess and Wilme Pelin at last found Mist Reignleif who fulfilled all prerequisites. Escaping from the Underworld, Mist was grateful and eager to aid in the diplomatic effort. The threat from the Kalareem was over and Mist set herself to the task of protecting the peace measure during the affirmation ritual every 100 years by Áereth reckoning.

Mist has never returned to visit her family, too ashamed to face her father's disappointment; or worse, for fear of being unworthy of her father's forgiveness and affection. Nor has she discovered that it was her own son that pulled her from the Underworld.