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Male Eternal Transmutation Wizard 20

photo courtesy of Joe Yakubowski.

  • Real name: Wizard-King Myrlocke Llyr
  • Occupation: King of Hyldlor
  • Identity: Publicly known
  • Legal status: Seventh King of Hyldlor
  • Place/date of birth: Hyldlor Castle, Hyldlor / 719
  • Place/date of death: Hyldlor Castle, Hyldlor / 22 February 1105 (aged 385)
  • Marital status: Widower
  • Known relatives: Angharad Regat (first wife; deceased); Aratech "Phantom Wolf" Llyr (son); Coleen Wing (second wife; deceased); Vesper Llyr (daughter); Daystar Llyr (son; deceased); Abrogail Llyr II (mother; deceased)
  • Group affiliation: King of Hyldlor; Llyr Family
  • Base of operations: Hyldlor Castle, Hyldlor
  • First appearance: Hyldlor Castle, Hyldlor / 1096 (1996)
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: White
  • Height: 6' 02"
  • Skin: tan
  • Weight: 200 lbs.


The Wizard King of Hyldlor, Myrlocke Llyr reigned for longer than most humans could remember. His mother, Queen Abrogail II had many romantic partners but never married. Rumors abound that Myrlocke was sired by one of the evil gods, making him an eternal, which would account for his supernaturally long life. Myrlocke assassinated his mother in 745 to assume the throne when he was only 25 years old.

Raising the Mountains[]

Myrlocke expressed dissatisfaction with Hyldlor, a Rusticaten colony, being under the thumb of a distant and increasingly foreign power. In 894 Myrlocke had all Rusticaten ambassadors and any noble family members from Rusticaten killed. Rusticaten began preparations to send their entire military force and the largest navy in the known world to quell the uprising and remove Myrlocke from power. It became clear that the Rusticaten fleet would land on the shores of Urjusty, and that the Rusticaten military was known to be ruthless, even against women and children. Rumors were circulated that Rusticaten had been overtaken by a fanatical adherent to a dark nameless god. The Provincial Barons and the Elven council in Caer Urjusty begged Myrlocke to remedy this situation he had brought upon them. To their surprise, he promised victory. The human lands of Hyldlor and Claybough united with the Elven lands of Urjusty under one banner for the first and perhaps the last time in recorded history. Even the dwarves, deep in their mountains, constructed war machines for the collective effort.

Initiating a dark ritual which would appeal to elemental forces, long-forgotten gods and which would last weeks, he imbued a single gemstone the size of a fist with tremendous power, then split the stone into twenty shards. These shards, entrusted to his most loyal servants, were then sent out to strategic locations across the continent of Kara-Tur. On 4 April 895, the Rusticaten Fleet poured into the massive bay on which sat the elven capitol of Caer Urjusty, seeking to overrun the beautiful city of arches. They found the city abandoned. With all twenty shards in place at key fault lines and ley line nexus points, Myrlocke completed his ritual. The land heaved in uproar. Mountains fell and new ones were raised. The unleashed magic tore the continent apart. Hundreds of thousands died in the first minutes. The energy released from these countless souls funneled into the ley lines, a web of magical energy wrapping the Realm. This caused massive energy spikes at the nexus points. As the upheaval climaxed, the mountains surrounding the Urjusty Bay were brought down into it. The entire fleet was crushed beneath the mountains. Thus was the war ended. As each province began to recover from the devastation, their leaders now looked fearfully toward Hyldlor. While their cities were torn apart and their peoples decimated, Hyldlor loomed there, unharmed. They wondered what kind of man would throw so many lives away to so effectively crush an enemy.

Unintended Consequences[]

With the Elves now displaced and scattered with many of their cities, thousands of years old, destroyed, Hyldlor under Myrlocke became more aggressive and militaristic. Claybough, a city founded by pirates, proved to be too chaotic to be controlled, and the Elves put up resistance where they could, using the new disrupted terrain to their advantage. Myrlocke's "raising the mountains" as many called it, had the unintended consequence of making the lands of Northern Urjusty and the Kazou'ti lands, which would later become Lorenia, very well-protected from ground-based military attack.

Lorenia and the Stalemate[]

Mere decades after the City of Lorenia was established in 973, Urjusty, Claybough and Attillan pledged themselves to Smoit Camlach I, who was dubbed the High King. This created a stalemate situation, Myrlocke's ambitions were left to simmer as Hyldlor's military advancements were reduced to skirmishes along the Claybough border and constant war in Westreach, which was then called Northern Hyldlor or Western Urjusty, depending on who controlled key areas at any given time, and depending on who you asked.

The War with Myrlocke[]

Wizard-King Myrlocke declared war, beginning with his siege of Lorenia by an undead army thirty-thousand strong, in 1104 for several reasons, including trade restrictions brought about by the treaty between Claybough and Attillan, the defection of both his children, and heirs, Princess Vesper Llyr and Prince Daystar Llyr, and his outrage over the blending of Hyldloran and Lorenian cultures. The War with Myrlocke was a four-month military conflict between the forces of Lorenia united under High King Armos and Hyldlor beginning in December 1104 and ending with the defeat of Hyldlor on 22 February 1105. Myrlocke was slain by White Dragon, while in the middle of a ritual to summon a Lord of Entropy.