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  • Real name: Oreon Regalious III
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Identity: Only revealed to his friends after he deemed himself worthy for his part in the rescue of the missing children from the Lantern Street Orphanage
  • Legal status: Citizen of Attillan with no criminal record????
  • Former aliases: This One, The Magus
  • Place/date of birth: Place / Date ????
  • Marital status: ????
  • Known relatives: Name (spouse); Name (son); Name (daughter); Oreon Regalious II (father [presumably]); Etc. (mother); (brother); (sister)????
  • Group affiliation: Keepers of the Cauldron
  • Base of operations: Cauldera, Attillan
  • First appearance: Cauldera, Attillan / 4 September 1138 (4 February 2012)
  • Last appearance: August 3, 2013
  • Age: age??
  • Eyes: color??
  • Hair: color??
  • Height: ft' inch"??
  • Skin: color??
  • Weight: number#??


A Founding Member, Oreon joined the group bearing a self-imposed punishment, he would not speak his own name nor even in first person until he had accomplished something of worth. He helped recover the missing children and earned the right to his title. During the investigation of the goblin menace, he was slain in a horrible ambush of Were-Rats.

Oreon spent much of his youth traveling the world and learning whatever martial or arcane secrets he could find. He might spend months learning a new sword-fighting style from a master warrior, while simultaneously moonlighting in the local library, poring through tomes of ancient lore. The Magus dabbled in all sorts of lore, picking up anything that might aid him in his search for perfection.



Oreon was slain in a flurry of sneak attacks from flanking wererat assassins. Oreon's body was interred in the Malachite Fortress, where he earned his name and title, by his fellow Keepers.