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13 October 1137; Basatari, Maitreya Fugate, Nost'rusva Ringare

Adventure Summary[]

Word of the goblin raid in the small coastal town of Sandpoint had spread across Urjusty. So when the sheriff, with an entourage of guards and a prisoner in tow arrived in Lorenia, the gossip spread quickly. He was looking for reinforcements and martial support but received little more than red tape and halfhearted pledges.

For a select few, however, this seemed an opportunity. For Basatari, an eternal priest of Taiia, it was an opportunity to help those in need and destroy evil. For Nost'rusva, an Elven druid, it was a chance at a new home free of shame or at least some quick gold. For Maitreya, a human Goji Monk, the name "Orion" gave hope that she might at last find her long-lost half-brother.

At first light, the three left Lorenia as strangers which happened to be sharing the road. Soon, the light rain became one of the worst fall thunderstorms in recent memory. Too far out to turn back, the trio were pushed off the road and forced deep into the woods, seeking shelter. Soaked to the bone and shivering, the travelers were overjoyed when they found a stately manor with a flat roof and picturesque support columns rising before them. The area around the manor was overgrown, and there was neither smoke nor noise coming from within.


A Bone Guardian.

After destroying the bone guardian nest, they waited out the remainder of the storm while Basatari pored over the scrolls with Comprehend Languages. They learned that the manor was once the home of one of the greatest wizards of the Zamonien Age, a man named Perinocles; and that at some point, thousands of years ago, he went mad and killed all of his apprentices. After the storms moved on, the heroes spent most of a day giving each body inside a proper burial according to Zamonian customs. The three bonded well and decided to continue on to Sandpoint and introduce themselves to the mayor as a group, thereby increasing their odds of getting work.

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