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19—25 September 1138; Dagum Firebeard, Midnight, Nanther Oreal, Oreon Regalious III, Senic Halmar, Tyrea Neylis


A week or so passed after the Keepers of the Cauldron successfully returned the missing orphans before they received a summons from Terseon Skellerang, the Captain of the Town Guard. He hired the party to track down and stop a group of goblins which had been vandalizing the town with graffiti. The Keepers spent three miserable nights patrolling in the cold autumn rain never once spotting the vandals. Finally, following a tip from an anonymous benefactor, the heroes began their stakeout of Orak's Bathhouse.

Once the party observed the goblins coming and going from the bathhouse, they moved to again confront its proprietor, Orak Stonehaven but were ambushed by a quad of wererats. The Keepers were unprepared, possessing no silver weapons. They finally overcame the rats to discover Oreon Regalious III had been slain by multiple sneak attacks.

Orak, clearly under the influence of compulsion, was arrested by the town guard and the Keepers located the goblin's secret passage. Again the heroes went down into the mountain...

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