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Sir Orion battling the barghest.

Previous Adventures:

22 October 1137; Basatari, Lorath Leafmeadow, Maitreya Fugate, Nost'rusva Ringare, Sir Orion Edan'dagnir

Adventure Summary[]

Lorath returned to Sandpoint with news of the failed foray into Thistletop. It was decided that the three new deputies would join the ranger on a second strike on the goblin compound. There they freed Sir Orion from his imprisonment and torture and confronted the woman whose madness and wrath presented such a menace, yet who was herself the tip of a much larger conspiracy that soon would threaten all of Kara-Tur.

Season Finale[]

The heroes defeated Nualia and the long-imprisoned barghest demon, but at great cost. Nost'rusva Ringare was cut down and Basatari was gravely wounded and at death's door for nearly a week before any magical healing would even affect the eternal priest.

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