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Roedyn 350.jpg

Elven Bard 9

First Appearance: September 29, 2012

Roedyn ran into his friend Sapphira, whom he had known since she was a child at the Church of St. Ambro. He joined her in what he thought would be a fun and exciting adventure, it turned out to be anything but. In a terrible ambush, Roedyn saw his friend cut down right in front of him. The bard left the group to see Sapphira properly put to rest. He returned again and helped recover the missing children, then left shortly after. Roedyn rejoined his friends in the Abyss, he was vaporized when telekinetically thrusted into an infernal plasma vent by Kaurophon the betrayer while helping his friends to retake the Plane of Occipitus.

Roedyn excelled at inspiring his allies to ever-greater daring. While accomplished with both weapons and magic, the true strength of Roedyn would lay outside melee, where he supported his companions with supportive spells and bolstering their morale with his songs of glory. Roedyn was a veteran of the War with Myrlocke where he predicted February 22, 3105 as the "Darkest Day" as it coincided with a solar eclipse.

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