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Sandpoint is a small town in north-eastern Urjusty under the influence of the city of Lorenia. Sandpoint remains the only place of note along Northern Urjusty's east coast, but it has grown considerably in the past few years and is now Urjusty's sixth-largest settlement; nevertheless, it still maintains the air of a sleepy fishing town. Sandpoint is most famous for the arts: particularly theater and high quality glass-blowing.


Though Sandpoint is a relatively new settlement, it has had its fair share of notable events in its short history. From the violent nature of its founding to the cathedral fire and serial murders of 1132, to the goblin and giant attacks of 1137—38, this quaint town is no stranger to the same (if not worse) terrors that plague larger, more dangerous cities.

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While technically a holding of Lorenia, Sandpoint's isolated nature provides a sizeable amount of independence. The town is governed by a mayor (currently Divya Brunson) but the four founding families of Sandpoint still hold considerable influence, if not politically, then economically. Despite recent crimes, goblin and giant invasions, and other setbacks, Sandpoint has continued to grow, and Mayor Brunson hopes to continue to expand its prosperity in the years to come.


The inhabitants of Sandpoint are primarily human, but like any civilized population center, a smattering of other races can be found throughout the area. The human population is fairly evenly divided between those of both Urjustian and Hyldloran descent, and the number of Kazou'ti making the town their home has increased steadily over the years. Notable personages of the town include Mayor Divya Brunson, Sheriff Viskalai, and the heads of the other three noble families, Miyuki Hirose, Graydon Skotti and Etheren Variel.


Resting in a natural cove along the cliff-lined coast of Northern Urjusty, on the edge of the gulf. Sandpoint is a medium-sized town that exemplifies the varied people of the land. While technically under the rule of Lorenia, over 900 miles to the west, Sandpoint is able to remain fairly autonomous due to its isolated location. The most notable feature of the town is the old lighthouse that stretches high above the coastal bluffs, a testament to the ancient empire of Zamonia which existed here centuries before the current town was settled.

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