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Human Priest of St. Ambro Eurix 2 / Wizard 1

  • Real name: Sapphira Runehold
  • Occupation: adventurer
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: deceased; former citizen of Cauldera, Attillan with no criminal record
  • Place/date of birth: Uunrevealed
  • Marital status: unrevealed
  • Known relatives: none known
  • Group affiliation: Keepers of the Cauldron
  • Base of operations: Cauldera, Attillan
  • First appearance: Cauldera, Attillan / 4 September 1138 (7 February 2012)
  • Last Appearance: Ruins of Jzadirune (beneath Cauldera, Attillan) / 6 September 1138 (19 October 2012)


Sapphira was raised by the Church of St. Ambro after her parents perished from the Vanishing, a magical disease which broke out in, and led to the evacuation of the Dwarven City Jzadirune. High Priest Sarcem became her father figure, instilling in her the glory and justice of St. Ambro, and once she grew to adulthood she continued to help those in need of protection and justice, often alongside her childhood friend Roedyn.


A Founding Member of the Keepers of the Cauldron, Sapphira was a formidable healer and well-loved by the other Keepers. She braved the long-abandoned Jzadirune, despite losing her parents to the terrible disease which originated there, to rescue the missing children.


Sapphira was slain in an awful ambush of Dark Creepers with a Pulverizer Automaton.

Sapphira's body was taken by Roedyn to the burial place of his Elven family so she would always be among friends