Sarcem 350.png

Male Human Cleric of St. Ambro Eurix 10

  • Real name: Sarcem Delasharn
  • Occupation: former high cleric of the Church of St. Ambro in Cauldera, Attillan
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: deceased; formerly citizen of Cauldera with no criminal record
  • Known relatives: none
  • Group affiliation: Guardian of St. Ambro Eurix
  • Base of operations: Church of St. Ambro in Cauldera, Attillan
  • First/last appearance: (already deceased) Lucky Monkey, Attillan / 7 November 1138


The high cleric of St. Ambro Eurix was gone from Cauldera for a long period of time, leaving his understudy, Jenya Urikas in his stead as "acting High Priestess." Sarcem had taken Dagum Firebeard with him to Attillan on "official church business." No one really knew what that was. Later, it became evident that the reason it had been kept a secret was because the church did not wish to panic the public in letting them fear that they had no way to control the possible floods that year. Dagum had traveled with him in the hopes of using his status as a Dwarven noble to acquire the needed items faster. When it became apparent that the wands would take much longer than expected, he asked Dagum to return to Cauldera to inform Jenya of his delay and assist her in running the Church.

adventures involving Sarcem

  • Death at the Lucky Monkey

Sarcem had gone to acquire wands of control water to make certain that the rising waters of Crater Lake would not rise and destroy the city. Unfortunately, his actions drew notice from Triel Eldurast, notorious murderess and fugitive city guard. Working along side a nefarious were-baboon called "Tongue-Eater" (so named because of his notorious habit of ripping out the tongues of his victims and dining on them), who tracked the high-cleric to the popular tavern called The Lucky Monkey, about a long-day's ride from Cauldera, and killed the cleric before robbing him of the hard-earned wands.

  • The Missing Wands

Sarcem's body was returned to Cauldera by the Keepers of the Cauldron on 7 November 1138, which thrust her into the role of High Priestess.

The Keepers set off to recover the stolen wands while Jenya, with heavy heart and teary eyes, led a massive prayer and ceremony to lay Sarcem's body to rest in the secret and protective tombs found beneath The Church of St. Ambro.

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