Claybough Wiki

XP 29,360 / 35,000

Male Tengu Unchained Rogue 5

  • Real name: Real name.png (unpronounceable in most humanoid languages)
  • Occupation: adventurer
  • Identity: publicly known
  • Legal status: no known citizenship; no criminal record... yet
  • Place/date of birth: a deserted island north of Greatwood
  • Marital status: single
  • Known relatives: none
  • Group affiliation: obsessive curiosity regarding the Elishar faith; former shipmate of Phagen Valitrosa
  • Base of operations: mobile; formerly nested north of Greatwood
  • First appearance: outside the Old Monastery, Attillan / 17 June 1096 (1994)
  • Age: ?
  • Eyes: yellow
  • Feathers: black
  • Height: 4' 7"
  • Weight: 86 lbs.


Shadow Hawk hatched alone in an abandoned nest on a deserted island. He honed his stealth and combat skills while simply hunting to survive. Occasionally, fishermen or explorers would brave the island and 'Hawk would shadow them, picking up their languages along with their small shiny treasures. One day while beach-combing, he found a silver holy symbol of Elishar. He spent weeks fascinated by it, obsessing over the three circles and what they meant. When the captain and crew of the "Kibitz" came to the island to lay low after some sketchy pirating, Shadow Hawk saw the same symbol around the neck of their captain, Phagen Valitrosa. For the first time, the tengu mustered the courage to speak to these humanoids. Seeing benefit in the tengu's grasp of multiple languages, and a keen eye for the crow's nest (a name that Shadow Hawk loved), Phagen welcomed him to the crew. After a few seasons of excitement on the high seas, Shadow Hawk wished his friends farewell in the city of Attillan and went forth to see the world.


  • First Strike is Deadly