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Faster than the human eye, sprinting fist monks are characters who push their physical limits in hopes of becoming the fastest man alive. Driven ever-forward by this crazy desire, they achieve a superhuman level of speed through the perfection of their art.

Hyperspeed (Su): Sprinting fist monks gain a +10 foot bonus to their land speed for every level of sprinting fist they possess and gain Run as a bonus feat at 1st level. They only gain this bonus so long as they have at least 1 unused Ki point and are unarmored and unencumbered.

  • This ability replaces the monk’s 1st level bonus feat, stunning fist, fast movement, and maneuver training class features. For the unchained monk they replace the loss of maneuver training with the loss of their first style strike.

After Image (Ex): A sprinting fist monk’s AC bonus is a dodge bonus. This modifies the monk’s AC bonus.

Momentum Strike (Ex): A sprinting fist monk deals more damage with his unarmed strikes while moving at high speeds, as shown on Table: Momentum Strike. This circumstance bonus to all damage rolls applies to all attacks made with unarmed strike or monk weapons after the sprinting fist moves but before the end of this turn. This additional damage is multiplied on a critical hit.

  • This replaces the increased unarmed strike damage a monk normally receives.

Table: Momentum Strike

Minimum sprinting fist Level Required Distance Moved Prior To The Unarmed Strike Damage Bonus
1st 30 ft. +2
4th 60 ft. +4
8th 90 ft. +6
12th 120 ft. +8
16th 150 ft. +10
20th 180 ft. +12

Super Sonic Barrage (Ex): Once per day at 2nd level and and one additional time per day every 4 levels thereafter, a sprinting fist monk can take a full round action to move up to his maximum movement and make a full round attack action, making his attacks at any point during this movement. A sprinting fist may elect to spend 2 ki points or take 2 points of Strength damage to use supersonic barrage, even if he has no uses remaining. This can be combined with flurry of blows.

  • This replaces the monk's bonus feats.

Light-Speed Juke (Ex): At 4th level a sprinting fist monk doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity due to movement unless the attacking creature has a Dexterity modifier equal to or greater than 1/2 the sprinting fist’s level rounded down (a sprinting fist of 10th level would only provoke attacks from creatures with a Dexterity modifier of +5 or greater).

  • This replaces slow fall. For the unchained monk this replaces their 4th level ki power.

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